ScreenShots from the
hCG diet app for AndroidTM

Home Screen
This will be your main home screen in Phase 2. You are able to check off your exercise, hCG dosages, your fruit, water, melba/breadstick, protein and veggies. You will see this screen when you login each day. At the top of screen are numbers in colored circles which tell you what phase you are in, which day of that phase and how many days you have left to go in that phase. At the bottom are your numbers relating to your weight. Your goal number of pounds you wish to loose, how many pounds you have lost to date and how many pounds you are away from your goal.


Here you will be able to set your Start Date, multiple rounds, frist weights and measurements. Under preferences, you can select between English or Metric measurements and even to connect the Withings WIFI weight scale for automatic weight tracking! Notifications, Lock, Apple Day and Steak Day can be set here as well. Our 2 newest features are the web sync and p2 food options. You can back up your device to our website and edit on either your device or online and send the changes in either direction. If you have the app running on a Tablet and you Smartphone, you can send data between them as well. P2

You will see this screen when you choose recommended. We give you a brief rundown of what each phase is about.
Choosing your start date is very important. You want to make sure that you set the right date or it will set your days off. Here you are viewing what your screen will look like if you choose to manually override the system and do the number of days for P2. You can either choose recommended, which is the standard / what Dr. Simeon recommends, or manual override for those wanting to do a longer protocol.
Measurements in the preferences is Gender specific. If you select male the body and measurement areas change.

These are the FIRST measurements at the beginning of the protocol.
Passcode enables you to set up a code you enter when you launch your hCG Diet App. So you can keep your photos and measurements safe. Please write this down somewhere or email it to yourself. *** We do not keep records of your personal passcode or security code ***
To set up notifications you must first select what type of notification you would like in the first drop down box. Then select the times you want them. And then which phases you would like to receive them in. Always press save. You do not have to have the hCG Diet App launched to receive notifications.
This screen appears when you have set up your notifications. Click the red and white X if you would like to delete/discontinue any of the notifications. Or press the + to add more.
Under you SetUp task screen you can select how many times you will be taking your hCG during Phase 2. Enter that number in the white box. You will then see that number of hCG icons on your home screen. Either sublingual or injection. Check the one you wish to use, and press OK.
This screen allows you to set up to be notified if you should be taking an apple day. Which simply helps you stay on track.
This screen allows you to set up to be notified if you should be taking a Steakday. Which simply helps you stay on track.
hCG Cloud screen. Here is where you will be syncing your information to our hCG cloud and then to your devices or online.
If you need to reset your app, for example you had to stop half way through, you can go to the SetUp section and click reset. You will see the following buttons. You will not be able to get your information back after you reset it. Reset = erase.
This is your main planning task screen. Here you can choose your meal planning in Phase 2, your shopping list, the food data base (Can I Eat) and today's menu (an easy to view chalk board to the food you will be having. I find it helpful to look at this when I get up and getting my food together).
Meal Plalnning in P2 You select a Veggie, Fruit and Protein for both Lunch and Dinner. The calories are counted as you make your selections
Meal Plalnning in P2 You select a Veggie, Fruit and Protein for both Lunch and Dinner. The calories are counted as you make your selections
Today's Menu screen is a quick way to look at what you will be eating each morning. It will tell you the phase you are in and the date. Along with what you calories will be for that day. Included in that calorie count are your 2 breadsticks or 2 melba toasts for each day. Use the green arrows to see next or previous days.
Here you select by tapping the Fruit item you will eat for the selected meal (Lunch or Dinner). You can plan both Fruit items for the day and tap BACK.
Your daily menu shows what you will be eating. It allows you from this screen to view previous and future menus.

You can also use the check boxes to check off whether or not you've taken your hCG for the day.
You can easily access subgroups within a group, or change food groups entirely.
The shopping list allows you to shop by week. The checkboxes remind you whether or not you've put the food item in your cart (physical shopping cart!).
A very important section your tracking task screen. Here you will be able to go to enter your daily weights, measurements, journal notes and photos.
Your weight chart screen. You can enter your weight by clicking on the green circle or by clicking on the weight on the graph. Under chart views you can switch and look at body fat or water percentage charts. By clicking on the pushpin you can also add a note.
The Measurement screen is where you can see the measurements you enter each day. It will also show you your progress in the purple box. You can also click on the body area to see specific graphs. Click on the " i " to see how to measure each section.
This is a arm specific graph. To change your measurement you may click on the measurement you wish to change and a pop up will prompt you to do so.
Your photo journal page should be used everyday. First, select the phase you wish to add your photo to. Then click add photo and either choose a photo from your library or to take one. After it is has uploaded you can email it or flag it for a future slide show. Click the X to delete.
Calendar page will be your home screen in Phase 3-Life. Your progress is easy to read in the colored circles. Below that row are your tracking buttons. (These are the same buttons that are in your journal notes section. To get these to appear you must select the tracking button that applies to you each day in your journal notes section and press save.)

Then when you are back at this calendar page and you click on the tracking buttons you are able to see which days you did what the button reads. Such as; followed the protocol, which days you cheated . . . etc and the calendar will be highlighted by the corresponding color. By clicking on the blue pushpin you can plan your meals.
This is your journal page. You will be able to check off your water intake, exercise, add photos you have uploaded already to the day you are in. At the bottom you can enter your daily notes. Click on the colored labeled icons above the text box to keep track of how you are progressing with your weight-loss. Always remember to press save.
The Meal Plan section screen here shows what you have planed for the day you are in. It displays the total calories at the bottom.
The diet screen is where you can find Dr. Simeons pounds and inches in its entirety, where you will choose your Phase 2 vegetarian options like protein shakes. An audio book of Pounds and inches broken down into chapters along with brief descriptions of the phases of the diet for quick reference.