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Home Screen
The Home is the first window you see and shows you everything you will need to do that day. The Home screen allows you to track your day by simply tapping the icons (i.e. water) which will then have a Check Mark placed on top signaling that item is done for that day.  During Stage 2, you will have reminders that you can Check Off once completed. Depending on how you've planned your meals, your fruit will automatically appear as you have selected it for the day. Weigh and Measure are automatically checked off once you have measured and weighed yourself. You can set the amount of hCG you are planning to take in PREFS. If you have elected to take it 3 times a day, then 3 hCG bottles will appear on the screen .  Once you have finished Stage 2 the hCG & Fruit and Bread will be removed from the screen.

Can I Eat- The Can I Eat section is where you will find our extensive food database. This database is broken down into 8 categories. By tapping on one of the categories it will take you to an itemized catalog of foods.  To the right of every food item we tell you how that food relates to your stage of the diet. We have entered foods by weight and indicated whether or not they are allowed during the different stages:

No- means You may not eat this food item during that stage of the diet/protocol

Yes- means this food item should be just fine to eat following the serving size

Limited- means you should take caution in both the quantity and how often you eat this food item. You should NOT combine too many Limited food items during the day, within that stage.

Very Limited- means you should consume a very minimal amount during the Stage and never twice in one day.

My Progress-

You can monitor and update your status daily by entering your weight in the chart and your measurements.


PressWEIGHT”:  when you do this a blue graph will appear. Under this graph you can enter your weights by tapping on the red, blue or green box.  Each day’s weight will show in on the blue graph.  By tapping the red box on the blue graph, you can change previous day’s weights.

-       PRESSMEASUREMENT”: then your gender specific mannequin will show up (which you can select under the PREF page)

-       TAP the Yellow box (one at a time) and you will be prompted to enter your measurements. You can do log these numbers every day.

-       If you press the blue graph above the mannequin you can select body part specific graphs.

-     If you need to edit previous days measurements TAP PREVIOUS DAYS at the bottom of the measurement window. Scroll and select the day you wish to change. Then TAP NEXT and you can enter that information. When done inputting pres DONE (not back). And you will be taken back to the current day’s measurement screen.

-       PRESSPHOTOS”: you will be viewing 4 folders that correspond to a stage. TAP the folder\stage you wish add a photo to.

-       To add a photo press ADD ( a black box at the bottom of the window). You will either be prompted to take a photo from your phone camera or from your phone library.

-       To edit a photo (you must be in a photo folder) press EDIT (a black box at the bottom of the window). Once you press EDIT a red circle with a minus symbol in the middle will appear next to the photos. Tap that circle and you can choose to delete; either none by just clicking DONE or multiple, then clicking DONE

-       When you upload a photo to a folder or take a photo the app will automatically add the current weight and date to the photo

-       To add a comment about a photo TAP the YELLOW rectangle and you will be prompted to enter comments. Then press OK.

-       To EMAIL any of the photos here just press EMAIL PHOTO underneath the photo you want to email and it will drop that picture into an email and you type in the recipient (can also add a message) and press send. No other information from your app will be sent along with the photo (such as your weight)

-       When done entering your photos in your selected stage press CLOSE and you can then enter more photos in other Phase folders.


From the Home Screen, Tap the person symbol at the bottom of the screen  labeled “prefs” This is where you will go when you first start to set up your data and start your diet.

Here there are 12 options

1. Important Info

-PressInstructions and Help” to watch How-To videos and our link to a free pod cast of Dr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches-with chapters. Here you can also see a glossary of all the sections of the app. (then tap BACK at the top left corner to return)

-PressDr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches” To read his full book

-Press  Stages and Rules” to read a brief description on each of the stages. Just tap “prefs” at the bottom of the app and it will take you back to IMPORTANT INFO

-PressVersion” to see what version of our app you are running. This will automatically show up when you send us an email from the app.

-PressTechnical Email Support” and it will automatically bring up and email message directed to our support team. All you need to do is write what you need help with and press send.  If you pressed it by mistake, tap “cancel” at the top right and then hit “delete draft” and it will bring you back to the IMPORTANT INFO page.

When done with the important info window Tap “Back” at the top left to get back to main PREFERENCES page.

2. Start Date

-PressStart Date\Length” to enter your start date for the diet. (we defind start date as the date you start LOADING with hCG) This commences Stage 1 and lasts 2 days. The protocol in Stage 2 is 23 days. 21 on hCG and a VLCD and 2 days without hCG continuing a VLCD. We now allow in the Start Date screen to manually override your Stage 2 to as many additional day as you would like (online forums are a good place to research about prolonging Stage 2).

3. Gender

-PressGender” to select your gender. This is because we have different measurement mannequins for men and women.

4. First Weight

-PressFirst Weight” to set your initial weight. This is the weight taken on the first day of the diet (Stage 1) **when you wake up in the MORNING, after using the restroom and BEFORE taking hCG for the first time.

-Tap the purple rectangle and you will be prompted to enter your weight. Then press OK and it is saved.

5. First Measurement

  -PressFirst Measurement” to enter you body measurements. 

-Here you will see your gender appropriate mannequin that you selected. 

-Tap the large i icon and it will tell you how to measure each part of the male or female body.

-Tap the yellow boxes to the right of the mannequin to enter each measurement. Press OK and it is saved.

6. hCG Supplement

-PresshCG Supplement” to select how many times a day you will be taking your hCG. Selecting the number of times here will show how many hCG icons are on your home page.

-Tap “Schedule\Notification” to choose what alerts you want. Tap the blue “ADD” button at the top right corner and then use the arrow on the drop box to select them.  Once selected press the blue “ok” in the top right corner.  You can then select what times you would like an alert. Repeat these steps to add all your other alerts.

-Tap “Order hCG Supplement drops” and “Order hcG Supplements” to buy supplies for your protocol.

-Tap Back to exit that page.

7. Steak Day

-PressSteak Day” if you need to know when to take a steak day and to receive a reminder notification if you plan to do a steak day.

-Tap “what is a steak day?” to read our description.

8. Notifications

-Press “Notifications” and you can view all of your selected notifications and also add or change ones you have. You can do this by pressing the “add” blue box at the top right corner or by tapping on a notification you have already highlighted in yellow.  These notifications will be sent to you even in sleep mode.

9. Passcode Lock

-Press “Passcode Lock” then “Turn Passcode On” to enter a pass word of your choosing that you will have to enter when you open the app. This way your personal stats and photos are secure.  We do no have access to this pass code number.

10. Update Food Database

-PressUpdate Food DB” to automatically update the Can I Eat section.  It is updated weekly.

11. Reset Data

-PressReset All Data” if you for example had to stop the hCG plan for some reason and you need to start over.  Just tap “Cancel” to leave the screen.

12. Disclaimer

2. Set your initial weight, weighed the in the MORNING after using the restroom BEFORE taking hCG for the first time.

3. Select whether you are following the hCG protocol by hCG sublingual or by injection

4. Set Notifications. Notification are reminders that are predefined to help you remember important things while following the protocol. You can set a reminder to take hCG or drink a glass of water. They are set by time. Even when your phone is in sleep mode, an audio reminder as well as text on your screen will appear. If your phone is in vibrate mode, you will feel it vibrate along with the text reminder. MORE DETAILS WITH IMAGES BELOW (click here)

Meal Planning Stage 2- This is only while on the VLCD(very low calorie diet) in STAGE

You can monitor and update your Phase 2 Meals daily and weekly

Under PLAN

PressTODAY’S MEALS”: you can view “today’s” meals for lunch and dinner. You can see the next day’s meals by pressing the Arrow icon to the right of the menu.

-       PressPLAN MEALS”: you will be viewing all the dates for your Phase 2 meals. By clicking on the date it will take you to where you can select your VLC food items.  If there is a BLUE PUSH PIN on the date, that means you still need to plan a meal for that day.

-       After you select the date for you want to plan meals you will see Lunch & Dinner: for each you will choose a protein, veggie and fruit for each day. These choices will be reflected in “Today’s Meals” Menu.

-       PressSHOPPING LIST”: this shopping list is generated automatically when you plan your meals. By tapping the empty boxes a check mark will appear. This is very helpful when you are at the market.  ***Lets say you shop once a week and you planned your meals for 7 days and you bought what you need. At the bottom of shopping list you can clear that least and start fresh next week.


Stage (Loading)

The very first part of this protocol after you have all your supplies and hCG ready to go, is called the Loading. This part is probably the 2nd best part of the diet, the first being all the weight you lose when you are done.During this 2 day period there are two things to remember: 1 you must take your hCG dose during these two days! 2 you need to eat foods that are HIGH in FAT! Remember this is your time to splurge. You have a VLCD ahead of you.This is a critical step for your body to prepare your system to initiate burning fat.Loading here really means loading. This is more than having an extra serving of ice cream. You want to eat until capacity.This stage can be a little difficult. Personal experience for loading was that after taking the hCG and eating a good amount of food in the morning I was not that hungry the rest of the day. But you really need to think that filling up is for the good of the protocol.

Stage (VLCD on hCG)

Simply, Phase 2 is the meat of the diet. This is where you start your Very Low Calorie Diet.The VLCD has a restricted calorie allowance of 500 total calories per day.There is a regimen for this phase of what you can and cannot eat.This Phase lasts for 23 days.It is critical that you follow the protocol exactly to achieve your weight loss goal. The best way to do that is to be prepared and plan out your meals.The Meals consist of pre-weighed proteins, 2 fruits that are between small and medium sized, specific vegetables, Melba toast or breadsticks.Be aware of add-ins... such as your lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, Tablespoon of milk and spices as they do contain calories. On the 21st day you take your last does of hCG. On 22nd and 23rd day you stick to your VLCD (500 calorie) diet but do NOT take the hCG.The app will have automatically removed the hCG daily check boxes as a reminder not to take it. Record your weight as weighed in the morning after you use the restroom.

Stage(No Starch/No Sugar/No hCG)

After all of your hard work in stage 2, it is important not to loose momentum in stage three.Stage 3 is where you stabilize, and train your body after the hCG protocol. This is also part of the original Simeons protocol. Successfully following the guidelines in this phase should result in a resetting of the body weight set point and hypothalamus. This is the phase that resets metabolism.

This stage lasts for 21 days. But unlike stage 2 you have a wide range of foods you can eat. The main rule is to eat almost whatever one elects with the exception of heavy starches like, beans, pasta, potatoes, rice, bread and sugars. Limit starches and sugars to the bare minimum.Use the app's "CAN I EAT?" feature to help you identify foods which you should LIMIT within this Stage.It is best and strongly advised to keep eating fresh, organic if possible, foods.The goal is to eat appropriately so that you stay within 3lbs of your Last Weight taken at the end of Stage 2. Make sure to weigh yourself every morning and record it under "STATUS"..If there is a large variation in your weight then you should try to examine your eating habits.We found that online forums and groups offered very helpful suggestions.

Stage(Limited Integration of Starch & Sugar)

This Stage will be coined as the Maintenance Stage. Here you slowly integrate Starches and Sugars in small quantities over a 21 day period.Use the app's "CAN I EAT?" feature to help you identify foods which you should LIMIT within this Stage.

changing notification sounds and alerts

First click on the Settings icon on your iPhone / iPod touch
Next click on HCG
You can toogle ON or OFF the sounds or text alert