hCG diet app for AndroidTM Phones & Tablet devices

The hCG diet app is now available in 2 versions. This is our basic version app which focuses on Phase 2 of the diet. It was our first version app. We completely re-wrote the app incorporating many features asked for by doctors and customers. Our new Premiere hCG app is identified by the Blue Icon. Features such as calorie counting (in each phase), reformatted interface, vegetarian meal options, first and only app to have hCG Cloud syncing between devices/online, meal planning in Phase 3, 4 and life. The ability to do multiple rounds and print your shopping list.

The hCG Diet App is accurately based on Dr. Simeon's, "Pounds and Inches" research, (which is included in the App both in text and Audio via a podcast link). We created this app initially to help ourselves keep all of the components of the protocol organized. The result is an app that better enables to do and track the protocol correctly. Through the use of our unique app features we help many gain perspective on their transformation. If you are not an Android user, you may also obtain the app for iPhone, iPod and iPad as well.

Features included in the app

Meal Planning:

  • Ability to plan each day’s meals. Phase 2 Proteins and Veggies, including vegetarian options
  • All meal/food options are diet specific. (i.e. in Phase 2 you are only given options for approved food items. Makes it simple and fast.
  • The app will automatically create a shopping list for you when you plan your daily\weekly meals. 
  • Extensive and easy to read\find food database that shows you what you can eat when in each phase. It is updated live at least once a week.
  • Food database is divided into 8 easy search options
  • View lunch and dinner Menu all on one screen
  • Easy Meal planning check off noted by our push-pin icons
  • Ability to add a steak day or an apple day if you plateau or gain weight.
  • Vegetarian protein options suggested by Dr. Simeon

Special Functions:

  • 11 different types of text alert options you can select that are sent to your phone.
  • Easy and fast to check-off when you have completed a step (i.e. taking your hCG or water every day)
  • Pass-code lock your app so that your personal information and photos are secure.
  • Ability to reset all data or just some information before starting another round
  • Works for both sublingual and injections
  • Ability to change your start date and override the system easily without loosing your information.
  • Ability to take and store photos each day. Great to see your journey.
  • Easy to read and intuitive icons that make it easy to enter and find your information.
  • Ability to order diet specific preparation supplies right from the app.
  • Easy view Can I Eat? Screen - now enlarges when tilted (iPhone version only) horizontally
  • No gimmicks or surprise add-on purchases anywhere in the app
  • Works on Android Platform phones for example, hCG HTC, hCG Samsung, hCG Droid etc

Health and Wellness:

  • Journal Notes section, where you can log/write entries for each day of the diet. You can track when you followed the protocol or "cheated" and whether you lost or gained weight as a result.
  • Exercise log. We recommend keeping track of your stretching time and walking time\distance to see your progression from phase 1-4 and life.
  • Automatic weight graph is created when you enter your weight each day. We suggest you create a routine every morning.
  • Automatic body measurement graph is created when you log in your measurements. Remember the book is pounds and inches. (Now you can easily keep track of both).
  • Easy view of daily status Home screen. Monitor everything at once right when you open the app.

Information and Support

  • hCG diet app was created and is maintained by professionals. Everyone at our company has successfully completed the protocol.
  • You can trust that the information we provide to you is reliable and derived from Dr. Simeon’s protocol.
  • We do our own customer service. We strive to deliver fast and friendly help to all our app customers. We love to hear from you!!!
  • 90% of our customer comments are put into updates
  • How-to Videos describing the app
  • Dr. Simeons Pounds and inches book in the app
  • Free downloadable Podcast – a complete voice recording of Dr. Simeon’s book broken down into specific chapters for ease of use.
  • Great instructional information located in the app. With screenshot photos and videos
  • Detailed glossary
  • Stages and general Rules section explaining phases 1-4
  • Ability to email us your questions\concerns directly from the app
  • Our company goal is to make the best hCG diet app and for all our customers to  reach success!

      *Always discuss any and all health issues including dieting with your physician. Your body and health is unique to you. This protocol and app isn't for everyone. Consult your doctor before proceeding with the hCG protocol*

The best choice in hcg apps & our commitment:

Here at Appilicious/CodeQ we know there have been a series of new hCG geared apps and websites being put on the market since we launched the world’s first hCG app in October 2009. Many are generic versions of our own. We take great pride in the effort to stay ahead of those followers.

How do we do this: Everyone in our company has successfully completed Dr. Simeon’s protocol or is currently following it. This means that we can deliver reliable customer service and you have security in the information provided in the app. The hCG diet app is on version 4. It has by it’s own merit been a top customer reviewed app. This is because we take over 90% of customer comments and put into our updates.

We understand and deliver a convenient way to simplify following the protocol. We know the diet can be confusing and we have made this app which easily breaks down each phase and allows you to stay interactive. This synergistic approach, we have found, is the best way to help you reach your diet goals and retain so many great customers over the past 3 years.

The hCG app has transformed into a super-tool that supports your weight-loss goals and for many acts as a motivational tool. We work every day to give our app customers our best product, through actively updating and improving functionality and creative new features. Please enjoy our app and we look forward to hearing more of your great success stories.